Event - Mexican Restaurant Evening

5 March 2015

Class 3 did an excellent job of creating and running a Mexican restaurant in March 2015. They all worked so hard and their efforts showed.

Here are some of the comments from the children who took part:

"I found the Mexican Restaurant extremely fun and a once in a life time experience. I did a menu and I enjoyed doing the Tesco online shop. Working out the prices was the hardest thing to do because we had to make a profit. On Wednesday we tried the food, it tasted amazing. The night was the best!" Max, Class 3

"I thought Mexican Night was really good. It felt like a real life situation. When it was busy it was really hard to get everything ready in time for the waitress and take it back to the customers. I thought Mexican Night in the kitchen went well at times and sometimes not as well because it was a bit of a rush, but everyone did well. The waitresses did well to get the orders down to the kitchen and made it clear what the customers wanted and we did it quickly. The MaƮtre D's did well with greeting the customers." Cameron, Class 3

"My favourite part of our Mexican enterprise week was making the posters, menus, the online shop for Tesco and making the food. My role was bartender, it was fun. On the bar with me was Sam, George, Claudia and George. My opinion is that the class put an amazing effort in. I give it 10/10." Charleigh, Class 3

Welcoming our customers.
Can we take your order?

Cooking up a batch of delicious chilli.
Making nachos for the busy restaurant.

Lots of happy customers.
What a great team we make.