Event - Class 4's VE Party

2 April 2009

Class 4 covered World War II in a recent topic and to complete our topic we held a VE Party and invited members of our family to join us.

We made food that people in WWII would have eaten. Most of it sounded disgusting, such as Vinegar Cake, Vegetable Roll and Carrot Cookies.

We brought in numerous artefacts from WWII, and we designed a museum and made labels for item with information on them that we had found out whilst working on the topic.

A WWII quiz was organised for our families, which we initially took when we first started the WWII topic to see how much we knew (at the time, not a lot!). We then retook the quiz on the party day to see how much had learnt! We had learnt a lot about this subject and we all thoroughly enjoyed working on this topic.