The Callow End Governing Body are a diverse group of people, all volunteers, with a common interest in the school, its staff, pupils and the community of which it forms a part of. Each Governor brings different strengths and skills to the Governing Body, but all have a commitment to helping the school.

Callow End Governors are made up from the following:

  • 2 Parent Governors
  • 1 Governor appointed by the Local Authority
  • 2 Co-Opted Governors
  • 2 Foundation (Church) Governors
  • 1 Headteacher Governor
  • 1 Staff Governor
  • 1 Clerk to the Governors

Governors are an important part of our school and have responsibility for the effective management of the school.

The day-to-day running of the school is the responsibility of the Headteacher, but any decisions about change and developments in school policies, staff appointments, premises, finance and Special Needs provision have to be approved by the Governing Body.

This requires an understanding of how the school works and is only achieved by developing and maintaining close working relationships with the Headteacher, staff, children and their parents.

A full Governing Body meeting is held at least every half term.

List of Governors 2015/16

Name Title/Role
Suzanne Mealings Chair of Governors, LA Governor
David Stephens Vice Chair, Co-opted Governor
Meg Allsopp Foundation Governor
Philip Betts Foundation Governor
Oliver Parker Parent Governor
Gemma Tomkinson Parent Governor
Robert Willetts Co-opted Governor
Sarah Wilkinson Headteacher Governor
Ginny Sharp Staff Governor
Les McGee Clerk to the Governors

Governor Profiles

Meg Allsopp

Meg Allsopp.

Meg has lived in Powick for 37 years with husband Jim, and has three adult children who attended Powick Primary, and one young grandson at school in Worcester. Since moving to Worcestershire, she has been involved with the pre-school playgroup for seven years and Brownies for 20 years, and is a member of the Junior Church team, having trained as a teacher. Meg was also involved with teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) and retired after 14 years working with homeless 16 to 25 year olds in Malvern. A member of the local church in Powick and Callow End, Meg joins the school as a Foundation (Church) Governor and is often seen in disguise at the Open the Book assemblies! She is a Pilgrim Guide in the 'Lifepath' event in Malvern Priory, and is pleased to welcome Callow End pupils there each year. Meg's interests include folk song and dance, theatre, history, rambling, travel and community involvement, including local choir and pantomime.

Philip Betts

Philip is currently PCC Treasurer and previously PCC Secretary, and Deanery Synod rep. with a legal background, and is married to Frances - a Churchwarden's Assistant for Callow End Church, and a former school governor here, and 'Open the Book' leader. Together they are very actively involved in church and community life. Philip is a regular volunteer at the CAB, and enjoys following cricket.

Suzanne Mealings

Suzanne Mealings.

Suzanne lives in the village with husband Jim and son William who attends Callow End School. Suzanne is a Project Manager in the Telecommunications industry and in any spare time enjoys keeping fit and reading. As well as being Chair of the Governing Body she also sits on the Finance and Resources Committee. Suzanne thoroughly enjoys both the contribution that she is able to make to the running of the school and the wider community.

Oliver Parker

Oliver Parker.

Oliver lives in Callow End with his wife Suzy and their daughter Isobel who attends the school. They moved to the village in 2009 from Worcester and have been keen to immerse themselves in all aspects of village life ever since. Oliver works in Malvern where he runs a technology based business and likes to spend his spare time enjoying sports such a cycling, swimming and playing squash. Since visiting the school as a prospective parents Oliver and Suzy knew the school was the perfect place to start their daughters education and Oliver was delighted to be offered the opportunity to get involved and join the Governing Body as a Parent Governor. Oliver hopes that his business experience, practical nature and all round enthusiasm will bring a positive contribution to the running of the school.

Ginny Sharp

Ginny Sharp.

Ginny lives in Malvern with her husband and three children. She started working at Callow End Primary School in 1996 after moving to Malvern from London. In 2003 she became Deputy Headteacher. She is the Class 4 (Year 6) teacher and SEND co-ordinator. In her spare time she enjoys all types of extreme exercise as well as reading and shopping. Ginny joined the Governing Body in September 2015 as a Staff Governor.

David Stephens

David Stephens.

Dave and his wife Julia have lived in Callow End since 2005; moving here from Malvern shortly after the birth of their daughter, Hannah. In 2011 their son, Adam joined Hannah at Callow End Primary School. Dave is a Chartered Engineer who currently works as a Business Development Manager. He was appointed a Parent Governor in December 2010 and is a member of the Curriculum and Standards Committee. Dave enjoys having an active role in the school and supporting its development within the village community.

Gemma Tomkinson

Gemma Tomkinson.

Gemma lives in Malvern, with her husband Julian and two children, Max and Cleo, both of whom attend Callow End Primary School. She has worked as a Teaching Assistant in Malvern since 2012 and mainly focuses on pupil progress in Key Stage 1. She is also Company Secretary for her husband's Engineering Business, based in Tewkesbury. Gemma feels very fortunate to be able to send her children to such a close-knit, friendly village school. She believes that by becoming a Parent Governor in 2012, it has not only allowed her to become involved in her children's education, but is also a way in which she can support the continued progress of the school.

Sarah Wilkinson

Sarah Wilkinson.

Sarah became a Governor of Callow End when she was appointed as Headteacher in April 2016. She was delighted to become part of both a friendly, welcoming school and the lovely community of Callow End. Sarah has been teaching for over twenty years and was previously the Deputy Headteacher of a large primary school in Malvern. She lives in Worcester with her husband and two children and knows Callow End well, having often walked on the Old Hills with her family. In her spare time she enjoys swimming, cooking for friends and visiting the theatre.

Cllr Robert Willetts

Robert Willetts.

Robert moved to Powick in 2010 with his wife Rita and brings many years of previous experience as both a parent and community governor at primary and secondary level, including chairmanship. Their daughters Amy and Emma both work for the NHS. A Chartered Engineer (now retired) having worked in local government for over 39 years, he enjoys reading, music, travel and football. Now retired, Robert enjoys greater involvement in the local community together with his ongoing work as a Black Country Magistrate since 1988, an Environment Agency independent member of the Severn and Wye Regional Flood and Coastal Committee since 2012 and most recently election as a Powick Parish Councillor covering the wards of Powick and Callow End. He is very proud to be part of the strong governor team which supports the Headteacher and staff at our outstanding school.