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Link to Thinkuknow

Link to Thinkuknow for Parents

Link to Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre        Link to Childline

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Worcestershire Online Payment System
Online Payment System
for parents to make secure payments to school

Worcestershire Learning Gateway


The opportunities presented by modern electronic technology: internet, email, social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, text messaging etc, are truly awesome in their potential for good. They are equally awesome in their potential for harm, and especially so where children are concerned.

At Callow End Primary School, keeping our pupils from harm, at the same time as providing them with a safe 'electronic' learning environment, is a priority.

Our E-Safety policy forms the basis on which our decisions are made. It is under regular review with a set date for a detailed consideration of the complete policy. All pupils, parents and school staff are expected to sign an appropriate pro-forma indicating they have read and agreed with the policy. You can find it on our Policies page.

Children - please click on the image below for your age group for help with using the internet safely:

Think U Know - KS1Think U Know - KS2

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