Gold Book

Callow End children together
Gold Book winners show off their certificates.

Every Friday we hold our Gold Book Assembly to celebrate children's achievements and successes.

A child from each year group is chosen by their teacher to receive a certificate which is presented to them in assembly. They are congratulated by the whole school as we sing the 'Well Done' song and their certificate is added to our Gold Book display in the hall.

Our Gold Book assembly is very popular and enjoyed by staff and children alike.

Top Table

Callow End children together
The Top Table at lunchtime.

At lunchtime, children are organised into mixed year group tables which are headed by two members from Year 6. The children are encouraged to display good table manners, help each other, use cutlery correctly and help keep the dining room tidy by cleaning up after themselves.

Each week the 'Top Table' award is given out to the best table. On a Friday, the winning table is laid with a table cloth, cutlery and cups for squash.

Children on the winning table are also allowed to be served first!

Mrs Wilkinson's Wonders!

Callow End children together
Enjoying tea and cakes with Mrs Wilkinson.

Class teachers award merits to children in their class. Usually merits are awarded for good work, spelling and number club tests or homework but can also be for good behaviour or a particular achievement.

When a child has earned five merits they will receive a stamp from Mrs Wilkinson. When they have five stamps in total (25 merits), Mrs Wilkinson invites them to join one of her tea parties.

These always involve cakes!