School Day

Here are the timings of our school day:

Time Activity
8.55am Start of the School Day
9.00 to 10.30am Teaching Session 1
10.30 to 10.45am Morning Playtime
10.45 to 11.05am Collective Worship (Assembly)
11.05 to 12.15pm Teaching Session 2
12.15 to 1.00pm Lunch and Playtime
1.00 to 2.00pm Teaching Session 3
2.00 to 2.15pm Afternoon Playtime
2.15 to 3.15pm Teaching Session 4
3.15pm Home Time

Be in the Line at Five to Nine!

Callow End children together
Ready for a day at school.

The whistle blows at 8.55am each morning and children are expected to be in the playground by this time.

Parents may wait with their children but are asked to encourage them to line up independently with their year group when the whistle blows at 8.55am. Class teachers will then welcome the children and accompany them into school.

Morning Teaching Sessions

Callow End children together
A teaching session.

This session starts promptly at 9.00am. Lesson timings vary from class to class but are generally based around literacy and numeracy. In Maths lessons the youngest of our children will be developing confidence and fluency with whole numbers, counting and place value as well as shapes and measures. As children progress work will include the four number operations as well developing the ability to solve a range of problems.

English lessons include aspects of speaking, listening reading and writing as well as the teaching of specific skills such as spelling, handwriting, punctuation and grammar.

Early reading is taught through the Letters and Sounds phonics programme in EYFS and Key Stage 1; together with a range of activities and experiences aimed at developing understanding and nurturing a love of books and reading. As pupils progress in their decoding skills, there is more emphasis on independent language comprehension and analysis of different writing styles.


Callow End children together
Playtime on the playground.

A member of staff supervises play time and there is always plenty for the children to do at break time.

They have access to a variety of playground equipment, can use the adventure trail and exercise machines or just still quietly on the benches or in the playhouses with their friends.

Collective Worship

Callow End children together
Collective Worship in assembly.

Our Collective Worship is based upon 'Values for Life' and in particular nine key Christian values. Each half-term we concentrate on one value through music, prayers and a variety of stories including those from the Bible and other faiths.

Other assemblies include our Gold Book celebration and Musical praise when we practise our singing. We also have a weekly visit from our 'Open the Book' team who dramatise bible stories. Assemblies always include an act of worship.

Lunch Times

Callow End children together
A busy lunch time.

Lunchtime Supervisors look after the children during this time. We can offer a hot meal at lunch time prepared cooked and transported by the Red Hen Cookery. Healthy option menus and an order form are given via the school office each week for the following week. Children may also bring a packed lunch to eat at midday if they wish to.

We ensure that the children sit with other year groups at lunch time with the older children helping the younger ones with cutting food, opening packets, etc.

Each week we have a 'Top Table' which is awarded for sensible behaviour, and helping to keep the dining room neat and tidy.

Afternoon Teaching Sessions

In the afternoons children will generally be carrying out topic work. These topics include a wide range of subjects and are designed to suit the needs and interests of the children.

Sometimes particular subjects or themes are taught in a block over several sessions for example E-Safety Week and Science Week. Other subjects taught in afternoons sessions include PE and Religious Education.

Home Time

At the end of the day the children will be brought out by class teachers to meet parents. We always ensure that children are met by a parent or known adult and take any uncollected children back into school for safety.

If you are going to be late do contact us as we do not mind looking after children for a while if necessary. If someone different to the normal routine is collecting your child, please enter their details in the collection book located in the school office.