Meet the friendly staff of our school, as drawn by our talented children. If you'd like to see what they really look like - just roll over the photos with your mouse!

Mrs Wilkinson
by Jamie-Leigh

Mrs Sharp
by Anna and Daisy

Mrs Mitchell
by Naailah

Mrs Milton
by Tess

Mrs Beard
by Isobel

Mrs Challis
by Daisy

Mrs Lucassi
by Annabel

Mrs Barter
by Amelia-Rose

Mrs Powell
by Joe

Mrs Blakeley
by Tess
Mrs Stephens
by Sofia

Mrs Duffett
by Faye

Mrs Fry
by Harry
Miss Leigh
by Sofia

Mrs Malpass-Weaver
by Amber

Mrs Davis
by Mya

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Mrs Sarah Wilkinson Headteacher, Safeguarding, Assessment, Curriculum, Health & Safety, Educational Visits Coordinator, Collective Worship, RE, History, Geography
Mrs Ginny Sharp Deputy Headteacher, Class 4 Teacher, Safeguarding, Special Educational Needs & Disabilities, Mathematics, PE, Art & Design
Mrs Julie Mitchell Class 3 Teacher, School Council, Science, Design & Technology
Mrs Nicky Milton Class 2 Teacher, Eco Council, Forest School Leader English, Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs Sarah Beard Class 1 Teacher, Early Years Leader, Forest School Leader, Computing, Music
Mrs Jenni Challis Pre-School Leader
Mrs Emily Lucassi Pre-School Assistant
Mrs Kaye Barter School Administrator, Finance Officer, First Aid Coordinator
Mrs Sarah Powell Teaching Assistant Class 3, HLTA
Mrs Kathryn Blakeley Teaching Assistant Class 2
Mrs Julia Stephens Teaching Assistant Class 2
Mrs Wendy Duffett Teaching Assistant, Early Birds Leader, Cleaner in Charge
Mrs Alison Fry Teaching Assistant, Office Assistant, Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Joanne Leigh Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Summer Malpass-Weaver Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Rose Davis Cleaner